Express Time-Building

Fly Multi- or Single-Engine and build your PIC Flight Experience rapidly and affordably.

Time-Building Program

  • Aircraft and Fuel.
  • Instructor (as required for your customized block time program)
  • Checklists and Training Books are available.
  • Flight Operations & Scheduling Services

You will fly cross-country flights to destinations  of your choice, Crew-Style PIC w/Safety Pilot. Non-US Pilots provided with 10 hours Procedures training and checkout.

Usually we fly you for about 1.5-2 hours.

We have full coverage on all our planes. However we encourage all Pilot to get their personal renters insurance. 

All planes are maintained to the highest standards, with strict 50 hours and 100 hour plus the annual inspections

We operate the most efficient planes ever built for this purpose.

Flagler Airport in the most famous Beaches nicest part of Florida. (KFIN)

Cessna 150 Time-Building Table



10 Hours


25 Hours


Cessna 172 Time-Building Table



10 Hours


25 Hours


Warrior Piper Time-Building Table



10 Hours


25 Hours