Flight Planing PAVE List

Friday, 03 November 2017 00:23
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ρ  Personal:

Personal minimums will include pilot health and experience, and can be evaluated in depth with the I'M SAFE checklist. How many hours of sleep do you usually need to function well? Are you healthy? Have you battled any illness or are you on any medications?

How much flight experience do you have in the aircraft you're about to fly? How many hours have you flown in the past week/month/year? Are you rusty? Stressed? All of these factors can affect your flight.

Ä Aircraft:

Is the aircraft airworthy? Did it undergo any inspections recently? Do you have the fuel necessary? Are you comfortable with the weight and balance and performance for the flight? Do you know the aircraft limitations? Do you have current charts? Is the GPS up-to-date?

ν ✈ EnVironment:

What's the weather like? Are you comfortable and experienced enough to fly in the forecast weather conditions? Have you considered all your options and left yourself an "out"? Are you instrument-current? Are you comfortable with the type of approaches available to you? Did you check PIREPs and NOTAMs? Are you at comfortable flying in busy airspace or on edge about the air traffic control situation? Does the aircraft have heat or air conditioning? Are you familiar with the terrain?

Ë ✈ External Pressures:

Are you stressed or anxious? Is this a flight that will cause you to be stressed or anxious? Is there pressure to get to your destination quickly? Do you have a plan B? Are you dealing with difficult passengers or an unhealthy safety culture? Are you being honest with yourself and others about your pilot abilities and limitations?

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