Finish-Up Your Private Pilot License or Instrument Rating for as little as $80 per flight hour! With instruction discounts up to 40% for private and instrument students.

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With our Express Time-building, we can help you accomplish your dream.Fly Multi- or Single-Engine and build yor PIC Flight Experience rapidly and affordably...

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Youk Daytonaaviationacademy com Flight Reviews

To act as pilot in command, pilots must complete a flight review every 24 calendar months. A calendar month means that the   endorsement runs to the end of the 24th month,

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Welcome To Daytona Aviation

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Daytona Aviation Academy specializes in training and instructing new pilots who are looking to achieve their goals & dreams. For 11 years we have been providing the most cost effective flight training and programs.

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Great instructors to fit your flying skills, and the price for instruction and rental, you will never find, anywhere!! This flight school is legit, fair. Atmosphere is like one diverse happy family.

  Aaron Lowden




Officially a licensed private pilot! Thanks to all the guys at Daytona Aviation! 

  Cody Campbell


Daytona Beach, FL

Partly Cloudy


MAX 26°C, MIN 18°C
11.3km/h East

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